Quilt block collection by Art Gallery Fabrics

Hello, hope you are all well!!!

I have been waiting since November to tell you about a bunlde of fabrics that I won (yoohoo!!!) on an youtube giveaway hosted by Art Gallery Fabrics, in November 2016 (I know I am behind schedule, but I need to present everything in chronological order, otherwise I will loose track!!). I believe you know Art Gallery Fabrics, a fabric company located in USA, with its own fabric designer team, who in my humble opinion are very talented!!! So these awesome people design and produse their own fabric lines, with and amazing feel when you touch the fabric for the first time!!! It is soft, it doesn’t fray and has an amazing rich color palette!! First time I worked with these fabrics was when I participated last year in the BOM by Julie Dueck, owner of The Intrepid Thread. For further information about the BOM please see my post here.

I am very excited when I win something, especailly fabrics, and I wonder how I managed not to mention anything prior to this post!!! The selection of fabrics is amazing!! Please look for yourselves!! Dear Melissa even sent me a small note with the fabrics!!! Thank you again AGF!!!


The giveaway was accompanied by a video showing  five blocks that were sewn using the fabrics above. As you can imagine, I was in love with the fabrics and the blocks, so I entered the competion, mentioning that if I won, I would make the same blocks myself and post about them on my blog. Guess what happened!!! Let’s see them in more details, shall we? The size of each block is 12.5*12.5 inches, which is 31.75*31.75 cm.

  • AGF Quilt Block Collection: Fussy Cut Block featuring Hello Ollie


For more information about the block, click here. The fussy cut block  of the swan is by Bonnie Christine  with double borders.

  • AGF Quilt Block Collection: Dutchman’s Puzzle Block featuring Observer by April Rhodes


For more information about this block, click here. The design includes four pairs of flying geese. I still find this design difficult to sew, it has too much sewing on the bias, and it seems like either my sewing machine is funny or pressing the blocks with steam iron made the block look weird. Anyway, I am not making it again,, it will stay as it is! After being sewn with the other blocks into a quilt top, after quilting, washing and drying, none of the things that bother me will show!!! yey!!

  • AGF Quilt Block Collection: Economy Quilt Block featuring Nightfall Fabric by Maureen Cracknell


For more information about this block, click here. The design of the block is also called square within a square, or diamond within a square. I pressume there are several techniques composing this block, I followed the video instructions for it. Point is to choose a focal print from a fabric that you like and with the rest of the fabrics, it seems like you put it on a “frame”. Same idea with the first block with the swan.

  • AGF Quilt Block Collection: Antique Tile Quilt Block featuring in house Lagom fabrics


For more information about this block, click here. For this block you can use  small square or rectangular pieces tha you have left over from other blocks, in light and dark tones of fabrics.You can chain-piece and it is beginner friendly!!

And last but not least

  • AGF Quilt Block Collection Tutorial: Jack in the Box Block featuring Heartland fabrics by Pat Bravo and Denim Studio Linen


For more information about this block, click here. The block as you can see consists of several HST-half square triangles. It is not impossible to make, it just needs patience and good pressing of the seams. Special attention to the squares with opposite diagonal seams, in order to “nest” in one another and achieve a clear corner of the newly created triangle. It is just details, but it is worth it!!

Art Gallery Fabrics has several other blocks, which I will try to sew in the next few days and present them in a new post. I still have fabrics left from the blocks above, but I don’t want to cut them!! Still, if I don’t cut them, how am I supposed to make new blocks??? Oh well, we’ll see what happens.

Thank you for your visit today, hope you enjoyed the blocks and the fabrics!! I am off to a nice mini cleaning of my sewing machine!! What are you up to today?? Take care!!





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    • Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ καλή μου Μαριλίζα!! Τα υφάσματα είναι τέλεια!! έχω πάθει πλάκα, φαίνεται νομίζω!!!


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