Sew Sampler quilting box Jan ’17

Hello and welcome my dear friends!!

I hope you are all well. I was on a holiday trip to my family’s house in Patras for a few days, away from my sewing machine and all my goodies, when I started writing this post. That was back in mid March. In the meantime, I came back home in Chania, I went to Athens for the Heirotehnika craft fair, and I wrote a post about it here . Now I am able to present the Sew Sampler quilting box for January 2017. If you recall, I had received both December’s and January’s #sewsampler quilting boxes in early February. Let’s open the sampler box to see what’s inside this time.

January did not have an actual theme, but who needs one when it feels like extended holidays!! This time I got items that I use every time I sew plus one item that I did not even know that existed!! Let me explain below. See??? goodies goodies goodies!!!


This time, the box included the following items:

  • First of all I present to you the 2017 Color of the Year Kona Cotton Solids Charm Pack,  for Robert Kaufman Fabrics, which includes 42 5″ identical squares!!! Its color is so rich, the picture is not good enough to see this. Believe me, you can make so many beautiful things with just plain colors, it is just amazing!!


  • This is “Three Times the Charm” Quilt Pattern designed by Robert Kaufman Fabrics and it is perfect to use with the charm pack above. You get three layouts in one pattern, and it has one finished size 32.5″ x 36.5″. Oh and now, I don’t know which layout to make first!!!hmmmm…decisions, decisions….


  • And as usual, block #10 recipe card with three size options: 8″, 12″ and 16″. I was just thinking that apart from the fabric that Fat quarter shop has chosen for these blocks, I need to get the block cards from the months prior to my first box in October, so that I can have them altogether before I start sewing the blocks!


  • And this is the original Thread Cutter by Sunflower Quilts. It is a Fat Quarter Shop exclusive and as it says, it IS the quickest and easiest way to cut the little threads between the fabric units when you do chain piecing (I do!!! and it will be easier for me!!! thank you!!)


  • Then I got some pretty Clover Black Gold Needles in sizes 9, 10 and 12. There are six needles are polished along the axis and coated with ultra-thin black plating for anti-rust resistance. I will use them in some applique projects that I have in mind. I also got an Olfa Pack of one 45mm rotary replacement blade. You can never have enough of these.


  • Finally the box included a Vintage Textile Soak Sampler, which actually removes yellowing to brown spots from quilts, quilt tops, christening gowns and antique linens. I have never used one of those before, and I was just thinking that I have an old quilt that I had bought as a university student that needs some refreshing!! Will let you know how that goes!


For statistics, the retail price of all the products above is about $48.88. I have already received the boxes for February and March and I will be presenting them in the next posts. When I received the last two boxes, I realised that I am running out of storing space, with six boxes up on a shelf. They need to be shorted out, because there is no point in keeping the items in their original boxes, and not use them, what is the point of getting them in the first place??!! And I have a few new charm packs and jelly rolls that need to become quilt tops, using the quilt patterns that I received with them!!

Oh well, there are so many things that need to be done!! Thank you so much for being here, hope you loved this presentation as much as I do!!! Until next time, be safe and happy!!

Don’t forget to hop in the blog for other interesting posts, and let me know what you think!!! Thank you again!!!



4 thoughts on “Sew Sampler quilting box Jan ’17

    • Thank you for your comment dear. I just read a few of your latest posts and realised that you just started crochet. I also started to crochet prior to knitting and sewing. There are so many youtube videos that you can watch. But I recommend Craftsy , because apart from the lessons that are paid, they also have free ones, that you can watch any time you want. They also have a structure, you learn things gradually. You can find crochet and knitting and sewing patchwork or quilting, anything actually. If you have any questions I will gladly help you! ! ! ♡


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