All you need is love

Hi there.

This is going to be a post about the panel that I started last week under the theme “Love” quilt-along, organized by the Hellenic patchwork facebook group “Και στην Ελλάδα αγαπάμε το πατσγουορκ». As I mentioned in the last post, I used the template that Megan Pitz provided for free on her blog “Canoe Ridge Creations”. I cannot thank her enough, very nice design and simple tutorial; I totally enjoyed making this panel by sewing two hearts. During the quilting decisions, i realised there is no point in making something fancy, an amazing border or a specific quilting on the hearts, and the straight stitching as shown on the original post, is probably one of the best solutions ever. Here is the progress.







And this is a video made by our beloved friend Katerina Geramani-Dovinou, who put all the images that had been submitted by Feb 13th, and posted it in the FB group, so that the rest of us could enjoy the team work on Saint Valentine’s morning.


As far as the crochet chevron baby blanket is concerned, it is ready, washed, dried and sent to my friend, who will probably receive it after their baby is born!! I will post pictures as soon as they have it.

Oh, and finally, have I mention one of the BOM’s (Block of the Month) that I will be doing this year?? This one is from The Intrepid Thread, and I am taking part in The Magic Friendship Medallion B/ROM. The central medallion is designed by Maureen Cracknell, who is one of my favourite quilters/bloggers/fabric designers, owner of this blog, and Julie Dueck who owns The Intrepid Thread, whom I got to know through Maureen’s blog. So this BOM is starting in March, and I just received the first kit, and of course it was like Christmas all over again. I mean, seriously, who can stay calm when receiving fabrics like these, designed by Maureen….not me…, this is a sneak preview, more details to follow soon!!!




So these were the news so far. Till next time, thanks for reading.