The Intrepid Thread – Magic Friendship Medallion B/ROM –Months 04-05

Hello my dear friends. Hope you are all well!

This is just a quick update of what I have been doing on and off for the last couple of weeks. The Magid Friendship Medallion quilt top is not finished yet, it only needs one more wide strip at the outer border in order to be complete. If you would like you could read my sewing adventures in a previous post. For the record, this is a Block of the Month that I participated last year (I know, I know!!), scheduled by The Intrepid Thread.

The “heart” of the quilt, the first block that made me fall in love with it, was designed by one of my favourite quilters, fabric designer, instructor at Craftsy, mother of three and so much more, Maureen Cracknell. This was the first block I made, based on her original block, that you can see here.


Center of the quilt

This was the top with two borders.


This is a stage after adding the 3rd border, and was trying to see how large the top was compared to my bed.


And this is almost done, only one outer border missing. I will not post the other pics, apparently whenever I decide to hang a top from the clothes lines, the wind is getting mad!! My neighbors may have a laugh at me, I don’t know!!!


What do you think??? Isn’t it just amazing??? I believe the middle block looks like stain glass window!! And you cannot see the mistakes from far away!!!Phew…

The only thing that was not part of the design, was when I had to improvise in order to make my borders at the correct length, so that I could sew the next border. Remember from a previous post I had said that I made a few consecutive mistakes while cutting the fabrics and sewing the previours borders? Ehmm, those mistakes caught up. And if you can see after the teal dot and orange strips,  there is another  thin strip made of scraps from the leftover fabrics of the project so far, that I sew together and attached to the outer orange strip to elongate the block’s sides. Long story short, it worked, and if I hadn’t mentioned it, maybe you wouldn’t have noticed it either.

On other news, I bought a new sewing machine!!yey!!! Actually, my mum had bought me my Singer Tradition in 2009, to shorten hems, sew a button, stuff like that, since I moved away from home. So after the completion of the last project, when I realized that I had done all I could with the Singer, I did my research, weighed my options, got an amazing offer from Marmalena, and decided to make this huge step of purchasing the Husqvarna Viking Opal 670. It has everything I currently need, and cannot thank enough Mania and Marialena than own Marmalena, who really helped me with my choice and my purchase. I learn its features as I go, there are so many things that did not exist in my old machine, so I take my time. First time I tried to thread the machine, it took me something like ten minutes!!! LOL!!!

The reason I mention the new machine is this. I had sewn the friendship medallion quilt top up until the previous post with my Singer machine. And then I decided to use the Opal to continue. Thankfully, the Opal has these built-in stitches, it even has a ready made 1/4 inch stitch. Great, right? Wrong!!! I started sewing with the 1/4 seam allowance, I thought it is electronically set, it is perfect… nooo….in the Singer I had made a modification on the seam allowance and I was sewing with a scant 1/4 inch seam allowance, maybe a bit less than that. So when I realized my new mistake, I had to unpick the new nicely sewn seams, all the way to the end. Took a deep breath, took a scrap fabric, tried different seam allowances, made a note of the one that was working better, and then sew back the rest of the strips borders. So note to self and advice to others: when you start a project with one machine, finish it with that machine, or find the correct seam allowance before you start sewing whatever you want to sew. Othewise, be ready to use the seam ripper.

My sewing adventures continued with cutting the pieces for the outer and last border. The project required long pieces of 7″ by 22″, that needed to be cut in the diagonal. The acute points needed extra attention when sewn. After that, squaring the block proved to be some kind of an adventure on its own, since my largest rulers in inches are 6.5″x6.5″ and 6″x12″. So when cutting, I had to combine my rulers to achieve the desired widths and lengths, and even use my metric long ruler.

The final size of each block was 6.5″x20.5″, total of 16 blocks. These, along with four corner blocks will form the outer border. I will probably finish it this weekend and upload pictures in the next post. I am looking forward to finish it because it has taken me too long with all the mishaps while cutting and sewing, and it really deserves to be completed. The next step is to quilt it of course, and God knows what I will do with it. Any advice is more than welcomed.

Spring is here, my allergies too, antihistamines don’t work so went back for acupunture, which worked from day 1. Happy dance!! I can breath again!!


After all this, I leave you with happy thoughts, hope you have a lovely weekend, and if any of you have done this quilt, or have any idea how to start quilting it, please share!!!

Stay well and happy all!! Enjoy your weekend!!

Eleni, xx


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