The Intrepid Thread – Magic Friendship Medallion B/ROM –Month 01

Hello there. Hope you are all well.


This post is one I have been expecting to talk about for a while now. Since I only completed the first month’s block yesterday, it is time to present it. In a previous post I had mentioned that one of the BOM’s that I would follow this year, would be the one organized by Julie Dueck, who owns The Intrepid Thread. It all started when one of my favorite bloggers Maureen Cracknell posted about the upcoming BOM and showed a picture of her Modern Chrysanthemum block that she design for the centerpiece of the BOM. Most of the fabrics that will be used are from Maureen’s line Fleet & Flourish, with a few additions from Art Gallery Fabrics that coordinate with the line. As Julie mentions in the description, each month there will be a new round or partial round (hence the R in the name). There will also be a couple of guest designers along the way (that explains the friendship part). This will be a 6 month BOM, from January until June. The finished quilt is expected to around 70″ or 80″ square. Which is A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

This past weekend, I managed to work on this first block, being nervous and all, trying to go through instructions and keep my seam allowance the same throughout the process. On one of the first cuts, I managed to cut one inch shorted one of the solids, I almost had a panic attack!!! I sew the pieces together and cut it the right size on the second try. Then, I needed to cut the rest of the fabrics, which was nerve wrecking, because I didn’t want to “destroy” these beautiful prints. I am glad I found the strength to do it, because the result is so much worth it!!

Here’s the before and after pics. There are not many words to describe the center of the medallion. I love it.  





 I know, right? Ok, so, it is the first time I actually start sewing a quilt top from the center outwards. I know usually we have smaller blocks that we sew into rows and then sew the rows together to make the major top and then add the borders to make it complete. This main block was sewn into rows also, but it was the main block. It is the center. Anything else is going to be around it.

I am looking forward to receiving the next packages. Super excited also!!! Thank you for reading this post. Hope you liked this design. Until next time, be safe and happy!! Bye!!