Moondance – Sample quilt top for Kinship Quilters

Hello there. Hope you are all well.

This post is about my first attempt to sew a sample quilt for Kinship Quilters, owned by Deanna Nagle. As you may recall from a previous post, last year I had participated into two levels of Block-of-the-month clubs from Kinship Quilters. This year I decided to take part in two BOM’s from other groups, «The Splendid Sampler» and «The Magic Friendship Medallion quilt». However, when I saw Deanna’s call for top testers, I asked her for details, thought about it and then as you may understand, I decided to help her with a few samples. I mention “a few” due to the economic status here in Greece, I cannot afford to buy large amounts of samples kits or any above a certain cost. So the ones I will work with are small/medium size. Nonetheless, they are so cute!!! I also enjoy following instructions and trying to demystify the way a quilt top is sewn together. I think you have figured this one out, from the number of BOM’s I participate in the last two years. I am very happy to present this sample. It is called Moondance and the pattern is from Villa Rosa Designs. The quilt top kit is sold in Kinship Quilters Etsy shop in this link. You can also follow Deannain her blog here.

This is the “before” picture. I basically laid out the three pieces of fabric, and then decided that I would like to keep the floral fabric as intact as possible and use the brown one for the small central squares and the binding.


And this is the “after” picture!!! Isn’t this great??? It looks even better up close!!! Super thrilled with the result and grateful for the decision I made about the floral fabric, as it makes a great contrast with the surrounding green fabric.


So thankful to Deanna for giving me this opportunity to work on this sample. Really looking forward to getting the new kits!!! There will be follow up posts for them too!! I totally suggest you should try it, is super easy to sew together, simple but smart, make sure you pay attention to the moondance direction and you will get a perfect result!!!

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed sewing it. Let me know what you think and if you are interested in making one, follow this link. Very happy for presenting this quilt sample. The only thing that remains is for me to quilt it and present it to you!!! Until next time, be safe and happy. Bye!!