Churn Dash Delight B.O.M. by Kinship Quilters and Garden Path Quilts

Hi there, hope you are all well.

This is a post about a quilt top that I finished putting together a few days ago. I am proudly presenting this Block-of-the-Month (BOM) Facebook group that is owned and organized by Deanna Nagle, a young lady from North Carolina, USA. We found each other in another quilting-related FB group at the end of 2014. When she stated that she was thinking of making a FB group with a BOM club, I immediately said «yes, me, me, I will take part in it», even though I had no idea what we would make. Last year was the year of the BOM’s, and quilt-alongs, and knit-alongs, have I mentioned that??? I was taking part in three different  BOM’s, one from Greece, one from the States (Deanna’s) and one also from the States which I quit at the very beginning cause I was sure I would not be able to keep up with it. I will present the BOM from Greece on another post, when I actually do some progress on it.

Deanna’s BOM FB group is called KinshipQuilters B.O.M. & Swappers Group. I did not take part into the swapping group, so I did not follow exactly what was going on there. So, the Block-of-the-month group had three levels, beginners, intermediate and advanced. The designs were all from Barbara Grutter, whose site isGardenPath Quilts. The fabrics used were from Kaffe Fassett  Collectives, including Kaffe Fassett, Philip Jacobs, Martha Negley and Brandon Mably; and it was divided in four color ways,  jewel, earth, citrus and pink!!! Since this was the first international B.O.M. that I had ever participated in, I did not know what to expect. So I decided to start with an easy design, by picking the beginners kits, and chose the jewel color way, because it included a little bit of everything in colors. Since I live in Greece and Deanna in USA, the packages would arrive two weeks after paying the invoice. So by the time each kit arrived, fellow quilters that had already received their kits, would upload a picture of their blocks on the Facebook group. Long story short, after the first month, I asked Deanna to sign me up for a second kit, this time intermediate level in pink!!!  Each level had its own characteristic title; the beginners were called “All around the town” , the intermediate “Churn dash delight” and the advances “The Circle of Life”. This post is about the intermediate block kit.


So these are all the 12 block, one for each month.


I was following the finishing kit instructions, and I could see how it would turn out, but I never expected it to be so beautiful. Please keep in mind, I only knew Kaffe Fassett as a fabric designer, but had never worked with his fabrics at first hand. However, I decided to work with the KF Collective fabrics and on block designs that I would not consider of sewing just yet, and the result is over my expectations.



And this is the quilt top finished. How amazing is that!!! Please excuse the poor lighting and the background, the only available photo-place that was big enough was my bedroom. Eventually, when I quilt it and it is completely finished, I will be able to take proper pictures of the whole quilt. In a future post I will talk about the beginners blocks “All around the town” and will upload pictures of the finished quilt top (if not the whole quilt!!!).


The overall experience is SUPER POSITIVE. Deanna is one of The Best people in this world, hard working, professional, helpful and inspiring. She helped me through the steps of paying the invoices, tracking my packages. She stood by me when the economic conditions in Greece were at the lowest point, and we figured how to continue this journey all the way to the end. It was an awesome experience. I highly recommend Kinship Quilters B.O.M. & Swappers Group. Leave Deanna a message and she will get back to you very quickly. This year there are new groups and new designs, especially the American friends should give it a try, your shipping costs are very low, and it is so worth it!!! European and friends from other continents should also give it a try if you wish, all you have to do is ask Deanna, and she will be happy to help you and explain everything!!! This year I participate in the top tester program. I will explain more in a future post!! I am super excited about this new beginning also!!!

 If you need some help to get your sewing “mojo” back, this is a great way!!! Thank you for reading my blog. Until next time, be well, safe and happy!!!Bye!!