The Splendid Sampler – blocks 1-3

Hello there. Hope you are all well.


I am super excited to present you TheSplendid Sampler. It is a QAL(Quilt Along) project of 100 different blocks from 100 different designers. It is owned and created by Pat Sloan and JaneDavidson. The design of each block comes out on Thursdays and Sundays. It started a few weeks and so far five designs have been revealed, the sixth is coming out later today. I cannot describe how popular it is on the Facebook page. It has 17,156 online members from all around the world. Three of those are from Greece, me, Mania Hatziioannidi and Efi Raptaki, who are quilting friends from the Hellenic Quilt Guild.

The project will consist of 100 different blocks size 6” square, and will be made using different techniques, ranging from simple pieced, to appliqué, to embroidery, to simple paper piecing and English Paper Piecing. There is fee to enter this project nor a fabric supply list, anyone can use whatever they prefer. I chose Atelier, Whitewashed Cottage and Printemps by 3 Sisters for Moda. Already owning some Atelier fabrics that I had used to make a tote bag, and since they had the color hues that I preferred, I decided to go with this line and enrich it with some lighter tones from the Whitewashed Cottage and Printemps collections. I buy them from Hulu, an online shop in Devon, UK.

So, without further talk, here are the first three blocks that I have made so far.


Block 1 – Hearts aflutter, by Pat Sloan

  The Splendid Sampler - blocks 1-3

Block 2 – Wings, by Jane Davidson

 The Splendid Sampler - blocks 1-3

The following image is of the two blocks that I made; the left one is the one that was closest to 6” with ¼” seam allowance, the right one is larger with a scant ¼” seam allowance. Due to its different size, I will not use the right one on the total block quilt.  I am guessing I will end up with several “less fortunate” blocks, which will find their place in a different quilt.

 The Splendid Sampler - blocks 1-3

Block 3 – Lots of Love, by Melissa Corry


 The Splendid Sampler - blocks 1-3

There are also bonus projects that come out very often. Basically if you go through the site you will find very interesting information about many things that are related to this project.

As I mentioned above, block 6 must be presented by now. I will show blocks 4-6 in the next post. Let me know if you are already following this project. It is one of those projects where you make as many as you like, someone else has done all the calculations and all you have to do is buy the fabric and follow their instructions. For me it is a great opportunity to work on small pieces of fabric, be more careful with the seam allowance (it is like checking the gauze in knitting – if you know what I mean!), and working on designs that I would not dare to do otherwise. It may be on the border of my comfort zone, but I am very excited and very addicted, can you tell??? I proudly pinned the project’s button on the side of my blog!!! So yes, let me know if you follow the same project, post pictures of your blocks here too, it would be nice to see them.

Don’t know what I will blog about in the next post, I am super excited with this one now!! I have a few in mind, but will see. Thank you for being here and reading my blog. Till next time, be well and safe. Bye!!!