The Intrepid Thread – Magic Friendship Medallion B/ROM –Months 02-03-04

Hello again. Hope you are all well!

A year ago I had participated in a Block of the Month, scheduled by The Intrepid Thread. As you can understand, a year passed by and I never completed it. I will explain further the reasons why I haven’t finished it yet and what happened after the first couple of months on this BOM. Last year I had posted about the central medallion of the quilt top here.

I was so much amazed with this central part, personally it is one of my favourite pieces.


In the second month we added borders to the central medallion.


The quilt top is getting bigger everytime we add a border around it. So I was waiting patiently for my next fabric package to arrive, in order to begin sewing the next border pieces on it. I was so excited when the package arrived. Let me pause for a second and explain something here. The quilt top instructions are written very clear, and give extra help tips in specific points where the project becomes more difficult. It gives alternative ways of sewing something, for instance if you don’t have a specific ruler, the instructions provide templates for you to print, cut and use them with your ordinary rulers. Being overexited to sew the next border, I managed to sabotage myself in so many different ways and stages of this block. As I mentioned in the previous post about this BOM, which is also mentioned everytime in the instructions, there is a very slim margin of error and you must make sure that the pieces are made perfectly every time. You have to read all the instructions through before you even begin to cut anything. Otherwise you will definately use your seam ripper and you will cry over your mistakenly cut fabrics, you may even get a slight panic attack.

I found it quite boring to sew 4*9=36 strips of 1″ – 1,25″ and 42″ long. And this is when the real problems began. As you probably know by now, if you miss a hair of an inch in two large pieces of fabric, nothing tragic happens. But when you miss a hair of an inch after 9 strips you have probably missed about half an inch. Imagine realizing this after strip piecing all 4 blocks, where do you  begin to rip, where do you find the heart to do it. So it stayed in this unfinished stage for about a year. Until 3 weeks ago, when I decided it is a pity to let this beautiful block of the month be unfinished for so long. These are two of the four blocks of strips.


So, I decided to rip only the external strips and sew them again with 1/8″ instead of 1/4″ seam allowance. I managed to get to a good point, so did this for the remaining 3 blocks of strips. Then, according to the instructions, you have to cut 9 x 60 degree triangles. You can easily do this by using a plastic 60 degree ruler (which I did not have) or make a template and use this. Did I see that?? Of course not!!! I used my straigh ruler’s 60 degree line marks and assumed it would work out!!! Until I saw that all cut triangles where different from each other. Anyway I sew them together as per instructions, on the bias too, the whole thing.


I ended up creating half a hexagon by sewing three triangles together. This showed me my previously mistakes while cutting the triangles. I think at this stage I got disappointed enough to open my emails, I saw that a pdf template was provided, printed it, cut it, placed it under one of my triangles, and saw how many terrible mistakes I had made. This is when I stopped sewing for a couple of days again!!!


I was so sure that I would find these mistakes in the following steps of piecing. As it happened here.

And here.

Here too…

After this stage, I tried to sew them together as best as I could, pressed them with the iron to make the seams sit and hoped that it would look good from the distance!!! Plus, by adding wide borders, the total block becomes huge!!! So I decided to hang it in the clothes line on the balcony and go down to the garden in order to take pictures of the whole piece from a distance. It was windy that day, I think this is the best image!!!


You can tell it was windy….

Which brings us back to the lesson of the day. Print the instrutions, underline, circle, highlight, use bullet points or arrows where you think it is Very Important and DON’T CUT unless you are 1000000% sure!!! Ok???

So next border begins with two wide strips of fabric,I hope to measure and add a few inches to the strips in order to achieve the correct size before the next pieced border.

This took me about two weeks, a couple of hours every afternoon, then I got sick for a few days and delayed posting it. So lesson learned, hope I do better in the next border.

And spring is coming too!!! How about that!!! Thank you for being here, stay well and happy!!!


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