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Hello my dear friends, hope you are all well!!

I know it has been a while since my last post, apologies for being away. I don’t remember if I have mentioned this before, my thyroid gland is slightly underactive right now (it was overactive in the previous couple of months), I believe it is called hypothyroidism, so one of the things that happen is that my mood swings from hour to hour. Anyway, I am on medication prescribed from my doctor and should be fine. It is just that it affects whatever I want to do, so generally I postpone doing things until I actually feel like doing them. And here we are now.

Long story short, since my last post, I have done several small things that I would like to share very quickly.

I managed to finish the Magic Friendship Medallion quilt top, size-wise it fits perfectly on my bed, and now I find it very intimidating to start quilting it, but I will get there. Here’s a picture of it.


Yey, it looks sooooo nice, doesn’t it? I never thought I would finish the top but I am so glad that I did. Unfortunately, because of its size, I am afraid to hang it on the wash lines, thus the indoor picture. Lately I am in the mood of finishing projects that I started at some point in the past, because it is such a shame for them to be unfinished, stuck on a shelf, and staying there for months or years.

Anyway, I have tried to find other quilters who have quilted their tops, to get ideas on how to quilt it. Because, apart from the top being huge (I have no idea if I will manage to fit it even under my new sewing machine’s 20cm arm) it also has so many different shapes on its borders, that is complicated for me. I will definately stitch in the ditch around the strip borders and some shapes like the half stars and the hearts, and maybe do some stipple quilting on the polka dots, but that is where my inspiration stops. I need to do more research on the quilting part, and actually buy some backing fabric as well as enough batting. I would love to have it finished and present it in the next craft fair here in Greece sometime in mid October, but I am not sure if it will be ready by then. We’ll see!!

Next thing that I would like to share is my ongoing EPP project. I am using a pattern found on the book Quilting on the Go, by Jessica Alexandrakis, using 60 degree diamond shapes. The design of this quilt was from Lesly from Stitch Literate. Jessica’s book was released in 2013, and found out about it through my friend Ada’s blog on this post. At some point I bought the book and kept it on the shelf with my other quilting books.


So for the main fabric I am using two charm packs of Honeysweet line by Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree Quilts, apparently this line came on the market in 2013, I think I bought them from Southern Fabrics back on the day when they shipped to Greece, and the white-ish fabric is the one that I had bought from Yfasmatakia on this year’s spring craft fair in Athens. I was going to use this fabric for the 2017 Blazing Star Block of the Month with Nancy McNally, but finally decided to use it for this project.

One of the other unfinished projects is the so called Laid Back Afternoon knitted jumper with stripes, by Drops Design. I started knitting it last spring in order to wear it then, but I got stuck when I tried to sew the parts together. At some point I got really frustrated and decided not to sew it and let it be unfinished. Until this spring, when in the spirit of finishing old UFO’s I took it out of the bag, went back to my friend Julie at her shop Pleko, where I had bought the yarn from, and asked for advice on how to sew it again. This is an older picture, where I had knitted the back. I have reached a point where I have sewn the front to the back, and realised that the circumferance of the top of the sleeves is smaller than it should be, so I am re-knitting them increasing the stitches, to reach the correct size.


Odd thing, I hadn’t knitted anything since last year, when I put it on the bag. And this is when I stopped writting my blog last year too.Oh well, I will post a picture of the finished jumper soon!! Totally love the colours!!

On to the next project then. While searching in my fabric scrap bin I found a pack of 5″ chevrons that I had bought from Southern Fabric shop back in another day. The white fabric is from my dear friend Dawn, who owns Honey Bee Cloths in the UK. It is from the line Bella solids for Moda, but I cannot remember if it is the White, the Off-White or the Porcelain. The strips’ width is 2.5″.

I have been meaning to write about this a few month ago. Dawn helped me  by sending me the 2m fabric, despite a problem that I had with my credid card, due to the capital controls in Greece. I will be forever grateful for this kind gesture dear Dawn. The green sample is just waivy lines sewn with the straight stitch foot on my sewing machine and I am thinking of using the design to quilt this top. An updated picture will follow when I finish quilting it. Then I think of selling the top on my Etsy shop, where I haven’t sold a single thing yet!!

And last but not least, I would like to share my latest finished (!!!) project!!! I sew myself a jersey summer top. A small story before I tell you about the top. About five years ago I sew myself a denim dress. I don’t have a picture, but I took the pattern from Angela Kane. It is called Pinafore pattern, it is free and it also has free youtube tutorial showing every step of the sewing process. I had bought the denim fabric from a local shop here in Chania, printed the free pdf pattern, watched the videos, adjusted the pieces on my body size, pinned-sewed-ripped-sewed and was happy with the result. Never sewn another garment since then. Angela’s instructions are amazing though!!! So, lately I read in the greek blog land that Athina Kakou is presenting her sewing garments, items that she sews herself, tops, skirts and dresses. So by following her blog, I said maybe I should give another try on sewing something for myself, like a top that I could wear in the spring or summer. Plus a top should be ready very quickly, nothing like all the fuss of sewing and quilting a quilt top. Right?

So I bought this jersey fabric from Raftadiko, and since I could not by a pattern from Tilly and the Buttons, due to the capital controls as mentioned above, I traced an existing top that I owned, watched Angela Kane’s videos for sewing a jersey top, and with a little help from my cat Claire, voila!!!

I am very excited with the result!!! The headless and legless model is me, need to work on my posing, I know!! It took me longer to sew mainly due to two reasons. The first is that my new sewing machine has a built-in stitch program for several types of fabrics and stitches, so I chose light elastic fabric and simple seam (Angela had used a simple zig zag stitch). The second thing is that it is the first time that I sew an elastic fabric with elastic stitching, and I was too careful not to destroy it. When I needed to rip a small section of the elastic seam, oh no, so difficult… uhuh…no… Anyway, on the hanger the top looks a bit flat, compared to the top next to it (which is different fabric anyway), but when I wear it, it fits good. So I am happy.

So my next thought is that maybe I should try and sew a cotton short sleeve shirt, with cotton fabric that is simiral to the quilting fabric, no elasticity. Or make another jersey top with floral print. We’ll see then.

Hope you liked my sewing and knitting adventures of the latest month or so. Until next time, hope you all stay safe and happy. Thank you for visiting my blog today.

Eleni, x.

p.s. I wanted to post sooner, but after the terrorist attack in Manchester, UK, I was so sad, it was so terrible, it did not feel appropriate to be cheerful presenting these things. Be safe friends. x


2 thoughts on “Latest news

  1. Eleni, everything looks great!!! I totally loved the Friendship Medallion quilt top, it is stunning, that’s the least I can say….and I fell for the polka dots fabric:)).
    I was also impressed by your knitting skills, it is something that i can’t see myself doing at any point in my life, in spite of how much I like seeing and wearing such garments…And as for your being inspired by Athina and sewing your own garments, well I am out of words!!! Go for it girl!!!!!

    Sad news this morning as well, not only for London but for the whole world….it is just so sad that we have to put up with it, without being able to do much and I fear that the frequency of all these attacks will lead to us eventually, seeing them as normal, everyday life :((

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for your supporting message Antigone. I totally forgot to mention a very important thing about the Magic Friendship Medallion quilt. All packages (the central block and the borders) were designed by different designers, and they were all mentioned in the monthly newsletters that I received by The Intrepid Thread – last year. Unfortunatelly I did not make notes of most of their names, because I have deleted some of those emails. I wish i could mention them in my blog posts about the quilt, because they all contributed to the finished result.
      On to my knitting skills, I consider myself a newbie after 9 years, because I usually knit small projects like baby blankets, and I only started last year after knitting the jumper to consider going to the next level of knitting, take it more seriously, that is. You could try it too, it is very relaxing, no matter what you read on this blog!!! i will continue my sewing clothes adventures too, thank you for your support!!
      Today’s news are so sad again, I never expected this to be the future, and it is quite frightening. I don’t want it to become everyday life, I can only wish that a solution can be found to end this madness, for a better future for everyone. Thank you again Antigone!! xx


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