Book presentation and other stories

Hi there. Hope you are all well.
This is a post about the latest things that I bought related to patchwork and quilting. Oh, it will probably look like free advertisement, but for me it does not feel like it, it is only a way to show something that is already on the market, plus support some people that I know and appreciate their work and effort that they put in what they do. You will figure out why I make a post about this.
I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, patchwork and quilting are fairly “new” to my country, Greece. So as you can imagine, in the last few years that patchwork and quilting became more popular, there are some new related “businesses”, like actual shops and e-shops with quilting fabric, notions, etc, blogs, YouTube channels, and spaces where quilters get together and have classes in Greek as well as craft fairs and quilt shows. All the bits and pieces that exist in other countries in every other corner, here, there are little in number and very precious for the rest of us.
One of the latest e-shops is, owned by my friend Marialena Hatziioannidi, and daughter of the author of the book that I bought. SO, the book is called “Patchwork & Quilting, the Greek way”, and it is written by Mania Hatziioannidi, one of the founders and president of the Hellenic Patchwork Guild and one of the patchwork/quilting teachers. She is the “glue” that connects us all here in Greece, this is how I feel about her. Her book includes the history/introduction to patchwork and quilting, basic techniques and 16 designs that you can actually make with detailed written instructions and pictures. This is The First book about patchwork and quilting written in Greek. This is why it is important. I know maybe for the non-Greeks this information is non-interesting, but believe me, this is a huge step for the future of this craft in Greece. Mania’s blog is called, and you can find more information about the book and her in there. In another post, I would have to describe how I came to meet with Mania and Marialena and all the other ladies from the Patchwork guild, because they are all such wonderful girls!!!
On other news now, the other thing that I bought was a 6×6 inch ruler, which for me it is very important when I need to square things up. Instead of struggling with the bigger 6×12 inch ruler, this is better. And whoever is making HST (Half square triangles) put together to make new squares, knows exactly what I mean. Marialena sent me this nice blue zipper as a gift and Mania signed the book, I mean this is like birthday and Christmas present!!! Thank you very much ladies!!!
So these were the latest news, wish you all a happy weekend!!!
Till next time, stay safe and happy!!!