The crochet ripple blanket

Hi there. Hope you are all well. This post is about the crochet ripple blanket that I had mentioned in my to-do list post. And it includes the variation that I did for a baby blanket for my friends. Now that the baby is born and the blanket is delivered I can reveal both blankets that I made with this method.

So, back in late Oct-15, I had visited the yarn shop “Pleko” here in Chania, who is owned by Julie. There, my friends Julie and Maria told me that there was going to be a 2-day seminar by Kika, who would come from Athens to teach us this crochet ripple blanket. A sample blanket was in the shop’s window and I was very excited to learn how to make it. A few years back I had tried to make one similar by reading instructions that I had found online, but for some reason I had left that project after a few rows. So this was a great opportunity for me to be taught how to make it, plus it would be fun doing crochet with other fellow knitters. Maria suggested that I should get my yarn before the beginning of the class, which was a great idea, plus it made me wait for this seminar with more excitement. I used four colours, yellow, turquoise, white and brown. The yarn was Cotton Merino, by Drops. I wanted to make a medium size blanket, to cuddle in it on the sofa. It was a plain, selfish project, to try a new technique and learn a few tricks on the way. Plus, it is soooo soothing to crochet it, like doing yoga for an hour, then spa and then some more!

So here it is the blanket in all its glory.



After finishing this blanket, I received the news about my friends having a baby very soon. These were the colours that I picked for them, and they liked the combination.


And this was the blanket that I made for them, size almost 60x90cm.


For some reason, I wanted to crochet the remaining of the yarn around the baby blanket to create some sort of a border, and since I could not find border instructions for this, I made them up and levelled the top and bottom of the ripples plus the borders on the sides. I post it in case anyone who has done this in a similar project knows how to do it and would like to share it with me, so that I learn something new!! Thank you in advance for your help. So here are “the borders”, not perfect but made with the same love and excitement about the whole gift.




These are the news so far. I cannot wait to share the next post about The Splendid Sampler, an online quilt-along project  that has already started, with 10,000 members or more in the whole world, so far, and is orchestrated (not just organized) by Pat Sloan and  JaneDavidson.  You can see the QAL’s pin on the side, it will take you to the site for more info!!!

So there are a few things going on, cannot wait to share it with you. Thank you for reading. Be well and safe as always.Bye!!!