Year long to-do list!!!

So, one of the things that I do, I write notes, fold them, put them somewhere that I think I will find them again, and then I completely lose them. One of the last ones, was a list of all the items that I will post on this blog in 2016.
And then, I read a post on my friend Ada’s blog “Ada’s Country Life”, who in her last post about “Big plans”, mentions that she would like to take part in a FAL (Finish Along) group. I clicked and clicked and ended up in Nicky’s blog “Mrs Sew and sow” who is one of the hostesses of the 2016 Finish-Along group, and read about it in more details. As Nicky explained, it is a place to find motivation to finish those unfinished projects, but making a list of projects that you intend to complete in the next three months, and then at the end of each quarter you post a link from your blog with the completed projects.
I was thinking of making a similar list, not every three months, but more likely a year long one (go for all or nothing). They may mean nothing to you yet, but for me it is a great reminder of the projects that need to be completed this year!!

  1. “Our Neighborhood” quilt: In 2015 the first Hellenic Quilter’s guild was founded, and one of the projects that we did to bring everyone together (at least the ones that took part) was to create 3 house blocks 30x30cm each month and send them to 3 different friends from the group that we called”neighbors”. In doing so, we would receive one block from three different neighbors in that month. The exchange had its ups and downs, but was definately worth it, and it is almost finished now. So, I plan on posting the finished blocks that I received from my neighbors, and the blocks that I sent to them throught the year.
  2. A few mini projects that were organised by our quilter’s guild that are so pretty and need to be mentioned.
  3. “Kinship Quilters B.O.M. & Swappers Group” was one group that I joined in Facebook in the beginning of 2015 that was hosted by Deanna Nagle from South Carolina. It was open to US and international friends, and being ambitious last year, I joined for one block and ended up with two!!! So two quilts will come out of this!! Yay!!!
  4. Knit-along blanket that was hosted by Julie from her yarn shop here in Chania, and a crochet-along blanket that was hosted in Julie’s shop in November 2015 by Kika.
  5. Projects that I made by watching my Craftsy classes and anything else that I would like to share.
Not a small list, if I consider the amount of work that I need to do in order to complete them.
Now that it is written down, I can enjoy my Sunday. Hope you enjoy yours too.

8 thoughts on “Year long to-do list!!!

  1. An impressive list! I forgot to mention the house quilt I also have to make. That was written on one of my little pieces of paper that I lost! Maybe I can still change it in the FAL, I'll see. You have a lot of different nice project, though.


  2. Thank you Ada!!! Let's hope we can keep our promises, right? And you still have three more quarters in your FAL, whilst mine is in the whole year!!! Let's see what the future holds, shall we?


  3. Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ αγαπημένη Μαριλίζα!!! ανταποδίδουμε τις ευχές για όμορφες δημιουργίες!!!


  4. Hi Eleni! Great list! I wish I could join the knitting fun, too. The good thing with that FAL is that you can win fabrics! As many finished things from your list you link, so many times you enter to the give away! I have add your blog to the Bloglovin and here is the link to your page:
    Add the 'button' to your sidelist and then it's really easy to everyone to follow you. Have a great day! x Teje


  5. Hi Teje, thank you for your advice. I cannot find the “button” that you mean in the gadget list that it gives me, I am pretty new in all this!! Will try to find it and add it on the side.
    About the knitting fun, I know there will be a new crochet-along sometime in February, have to check with the Pleko yarn shop in Chania to see the exact dates for that. I will let you know!!!
    Have a great day too!! xx


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